What Does a Psychic Paranormal Investigator Do?

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Paranormal Investigator

The paranormal activity develops a curiosity in our brains immediately as there are so many myths and legends that can take a lifetime to explore. The heated debate between believers and non-believers can go on for years until there is an existential proof of such paranormals. This is where the paranormal investigators come in. Where the scientists reach a dead end in their researches for paranormals, the psychics go a step further using their abilities to explore any such phenomena.

The role of a psychic paranormal investigator

The psychics can have different abilities, including the ability to see the past, to predict the future, telepathy, having frequent communication with those who have died, and even to have a sixth sense. There are many incidents around the world where people claim to have experienced any such events. Whether they have been dreaming of their future every night, or they feel their home is haunted.
The paranormal investigators find such cases and do their research to find out if any of them are genuine. Their role may expand from investigating to haunted activity is a crime scene to finding the actual culprit behind the incident in case it is not paranormal.

They may also serve as consultants to the law enforcement or government agencies to help them solve any cases which involve paranormal incidents. One can even get a degree for becoming a paranormal investigator from the University of Virginia. Many paranormal investigators work to improve their psychic abilities to be able to perform their researches even better. They use spiritual insight, meditation, and mental expansion to reach their goals.

There are generally three types of paranormal investigators.

Faith-based paranormal investigators

They believe in some religion or have their own traditional beliefs. They approach every investigation with a spiritual approach. They help the living and the dead with any problems which are created by the interconnection of two dimensions. They are the ones who use psychic mediums according to their spiritual beliefs and occult studies.

Client-based investigators

These paranormal investigators help homeowners and historical sites with any haunting activities that have taken place in the past. They have a team and scientific equipment to track any paranormal activity in the homes of their clients and debunk any myths and claims for the place to be haunted.


Legend Tripping investigators

These paranormal investigators develop an interest in the paranormal and out of this world entities over time. They do their researches on the urban legends and visit the sites themselves to investigate on how true the stories are. They are more likely to create their own documentaries on the places which involves interviews with the locals, staying at the site for days, and even trying some psychic activities to connect with the spirits.

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