Paranormal Activity Series

Paranormal Activity Series

Paranormal Activity represents a series of 6 different movies. The first was released back in 2007, and the series has continued ever since then. The theme usually revolves around a haunting that takes place in the house. Hidden cameras are


4 Most Popular Paranormal Myths

Ever since the last update from the Pentagon about the alien sightings being true, people have grown more interest in the paranormal activities. The unexplained realm of the paranormal always kept the spirit of human fantasies alive. There are

Paranormal Experiences

Spirit Keeping

Spirit Tasking

Possible Signs of Demonic Possession

The psychological signs of demonic possession should not be confused with mental illness and should, in fact, be separated from the common signs associated with mental illnesses. It is important to note that all of the symptoms do not have

Real Psychics

How to Find Real Psychics and Avoid Scammers

Many people claim to have psychic abilities without really knowing the true meaning of it. Due to so many scam artists claiming to be psychics, it is becoming difficult for people to find a genuine psychic online. However, if you


What is a Poltergeist?

Poltergeist is a German word that means noisy ghost. The word comes from the German term poltern, to knock, and geist, which means spirit.
It’s very important to understand the true nature of the poltergeist phenomenon. The best defining mark

Paranormal Investigator

What Does a Psychic Paranormal Investigator Do?

The paranormal activity develops a curiosity in our brains immediately as there are so many myths and legends that can take a lifetime to explore. The heated debate between believers and non-believers can go on for years until there is


New Jersey’s Demon Alley

Demons Alley is located in West Milford, New Jersey on Route 23. It is a long narrow road lined on both sides, with about eight empty homes, that are slowly falling apart. The mystery surrounding to why these homes are