Sleep Paralysis

Metaphysics-Parapsychology: Sleep Paralysis

The phenomenon of sleep paralysis has been reported throughout history all over the world. Sleep paralysis is a condition that occurs to some people upon waking or just as they go to sleep. During an episode, the person affected feels


All About Ghosts and Spirits


In all reality, there is no death. What I mean is that, sure, the body dies or stops working, but the soul or spirit lives on. We’re made up of energy, which some consider to be our soul. The


Vampire Spells That Work

The vampire craze is something that does not seem to end, and there is a lot of unprecedented madness for the vampire. Vampire in the latest decade has gained this popularity due to the games, and the pop culture portrays

Pregnancy Psychic

How To Get A Pregnancy Psychic Reading


Psychic abilities are something that people are really looking into when it comes to talks about the future. Most couples who walk through the door are looking to make sure that they have the reading, especially on their pregnancies.