How to Find Real Psychics and Avoid Scammers

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Real Psychics

Many people claim to have psychic abilities without really knowing the true meaning of it. Due to so many scam artists claiming to be psychics, it is becoming difficult for people to find a genuine psychic online. However, if you make sure that you follow these steps, you can get connected to a real psychic. Here is the key to finding a genuine psychic while avoiding the scammers.


Find out why you want a psychic

People refer to a psychic mostly for solving the problems that are bothering them, which does not have any logical explanations and cannot be solved using money. Before looking out for psychics, note down what you are seeking. Whether it is a love matter, life problems, or even connecting to a dead relative. Different psychics can have expertise in different roles, have different religious beliefs, and even possess different qualities to approach your problem.

Find a psychic network

Googling the websites of psychics is not the correct way of finding a genuine psychic as there are many options online. You can search the names of the psychics in any online psychic network to find out what their speciality is. Also, check out the reviews on the websites and make sure that they are genuine. You can see the testimonials of the experiences of other people.

Word of mouth

The best possible way of finding a genuine psychic is to get referred to them by someone you personally know. This will assure that the psychic has helped someone that you know and has a credibility to get referred. You can ask your relatives, friends, and friends of your friends if they have anyone in contact. You can even refer to online groups to get some recommendations. Make a list of the psychics that you find and contact them individually to know if they are open for an appointment.

Check the psychic fairs

You may have some nearby psychic fairs around your place which are mostly held in bookstores or large convention centres. You can find horoscope readers, astrologers, and tarot card readers in these fairs and maybe they will be able to help you out with your problems. You will get a chance to explore the different aspects of psychics and watch them answering questions of others. If you like their work, you can approach them for a session or even take their number for later purposes.

psychic fairs

Avoid these places to look for psychics

We do not recommend finding psychics on a couple of platforms as they are open for advertisements by anyone and can attract scammers. Craigslist is one such platform which offers plenty of options that also include scams. Facebook marketplace is another such platform where you can find plenty of people claiming to be psychics, but the first thing they will ask you is money. Also, do not respond to emails that seem too good to be true. If you have not subscribed to the psychic who has sent the mail, delete and unsubscribe to their mail immediately.

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