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Paranormal Activity Series

Paranormal Activity represents a series of 6 different movies. The first was released back in 2007, and the series has continued ever since then. The theme usually revolves around a haunting that takes place in the house. Hidden cameras are supposed to be set up to catch the footage. That shows what happens in the house while the paranormal events take place. The paranormal activity series is fictional, but it has caught the attention of the viewing public. Many fans enjoy the theme of the movies up until now. They want to see more from the series in the future as well.

Oren Peli was the creator of the series and continues to provide input for it. Paranormal Activity has seen several sequels released since the first. All of the movies are fictional but revolve around a similar theme over time. Viewers are waiting for the ghost to jump out of the closet. But it might appear where they least suspect, which adds to the suspense of the film. The series tends to include a family that is traumatized by the events that take place. The series is going to amaze people who want to secure the films. The content is spooky and might not be suitable for children as well.

Paramount Pictures has taken the series and produced it over time. They have released the films on DVD, and that is popular among those in the know. The DVD films are selling fast, and people want to see how that will work. The six movies all feature different families, but the theme remains the same through the content. The paranormal activity series is trending on social media over time. People eagerly await the release of the next film to watch. Paramount has announced that there will be a seventh film in the series. It is scheduled to be released sometime in 2021 in theaters as well.

The box office returns for the films have always been excellent. That has helped the paranormal activity series gain some financial success. The critics have been up and down about the series for a while now. The first film was hailed as an accomplishment in cinema. But the sequels have had a mixed reputation among the critics. Fans want to see something new with the seventh release in the series. The paranormal activity series is going to continue to be a success.

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